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October 2014 Calendar


OCTOBER: Respect Life Month & Month of the Rosary * * * October 26: Legion of Mary Pro-Life Rosary at 2:30 pm in front of Civic Center led by Father Antonio Moreno followed by Life Chain 2014 - at 3 pm & St. Joseph Life Teen & Edge Youth groups sponsoring "Baby Supplies Drive" for Amistad Pregnancy Care Center * * * November 1: All Saints Day & First Saturday Devotion * * * November 2: The Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls' Day) * * * November 7: First Friday Devotion * * * November 21: The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary * * *

Friday, October 24, 2014

Stop Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center under construction in San Antonio, Texas

(Email received)

Greetings Pro-Lifers!

On Feb. 1st, 2014, Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, stated the following..."There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider, acceptable...
All citizens of the New Orleans area must stand together for a peaceful community, not one with more abortion and more Planned Parenthood." 
Since late June 2014, construction has stopped at a planned abortion center in New Orleans.  Praise God! 

Now, in city of St. Anthony, news broke of the planned location of new mega-abortion mill planning to kill over 200+ babies a month...In the heart of the medical center at 2140 Babcock.

Further sickening is the sheer number of abortion rooms in this center, released by Created Equal and Jill Stanek this week...

Now, here's how YOU can help...
2. ACT

1 - PRAY.  
The Holy Trinity and Our Mother Mary have successfully led us in several boycotts....
Let us pray for sick and handicapped babies who are at risk of being aborted. 
Our Father who art in heaven... 
Let us pray for those who assist pregnant women and girls in their time of fear and loneliness. Hail Mary,  full of Grace…

2 - ACT. 
Many Pro-life people are unaware of the impact that boycotts can have. Your efforts do have an impact. 

From: Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation:  
“Boycotts and harassment tactics have an impact, even if it’s not the impact the anti's would like. 
These actions don’t close clinics or stop new ones from being built, but they can still be very disruptive. 
This undoubtedly explains why they’re increasingly being used.  
The boycott did not stop Planned Parenthood in  Austin from being erected but it delayed it.  
It made it more difficult and expensive for the clinic to be built.”

Ms. Saporta is right! 
Our goal is to stop it, slow it down and make it more expensive.
Below are those who may or may not be aware they are constructing a killing center...
We ask you to be polite, charitable and persistent in calling, emailing and meeting with the contractors as soon as possible. 
Unfortunately, this center may finish in one month...

Below is a draft letter/script to contractors. 

General Contractor – Lou Jon Construction - Cell: 210-410-6884 

Electrical Contractors - Bo Cappadonna - (210) 696-4040

Mechanical Contractor – Team Mechanical of Texas - (830) 865-5103 Owners: 

Mitchell Patterson 

Chris Humphries -

Drywall Contractor – Mesquite Interiors - Gary Wilhelm, Owner (210) 341-3412

Bexar Waste - Henry Gutierrez, Owner 210-566-5454 

Roofing Contractor - Empire Roofing Owners: Ronnie and Sandra McGlothlin - (817) 572-2250 

Plumbing- Barry Lindig Plumbing 830-438-3207/210-490-6404

Fire and Safety - Enterprise fire and safety 830-387-4626

Acoustical and Drywall Supply - Hart acoustical and drywall supply 210-304-2400 Greg – owner, Christian

Painting - FA McComas Painting Michael McComas Part owner (210) 656-4456

San Antonio Water Systems(SAWS) 210-233-3066


Follow us on
Facebook at Blood Money SA
Twitter: @BloodMoneySA, 

God Bless, 
Eli Danze
STOP Abortion Coalition

"Dear San Antonio Area Contractor/Supplier,

It has recently come to our attention that Planned Parenthood is attempting to build a new child killing facility in San Antonio. This facility will do tremendous harm to families in our community - women and children in particular.

Planned Parenthood is depending on reputable companies like yours to assist them in this attempt. Numerous community and business leaders and concerned citizens are resisting this attempt by Planned Parenthood to expand child killing activities in San Antonio. Please join us by refusing to participate in this construction project.

We are joined by many churches and church building committees in alerting contractors and suppliers to avoid this project.

We pray that you will assist us in defending our community.


Stand with us for LIFE

October 26, 2014: 26th National Life Chain * 1915 Veterans Blvd. Lowe Drive outside Del Rio Civic Center facing Veterans Blvd. * 3:00 - 4:30 pm

(Email received)

Now showing at Cinemark 8 in Del Rio, Texas: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Visit the Alexander and the TerribleHorribleNo Good,Very Bad Day official site

You can now watch Crescendo on YouTube!

On February 28th, Crescendo, a short film that has been globally heralded and has won over 11 international awards, was screened at 100 events across America! 

This beautiful film is saving lives and helping mothers across the country. Through Crescendo, we’ve raised over $4 million for pregnancy centers and women’s shelters. 

We thank you for experiencing this groundbreaking short film by the producers of Bella, Eduardo Verastegui, Jason Jones and Leo Severino and executive producer Pattie Mallette, the mother of Justin Bieber! 

To donate, order a DVD or learn more about the movement, please visit

A message from Justin Bieber’s mom and producer of Crescendo:

Work for a Cause and Live Life to Express

World Over - 2014-10-09 – Cardinal Raymond Burke on the Synod on the Family with Raymond Arroyo

(Email received)

October 25, 2014: Parent Information Session of Theology of the Bodyfor Teens: Discovering God's Plan for Love and Life after the 8:00 amMass to be held in Room 11 of the CCD building

(Email received)

This November we will begin a new session of Theology of the Body for Teens: Discovering God's Plan for Love and Life. Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of faith and morals, this curriculum includes a rich parental component.

To review the contents of Theology of the Body for Teens and view an explanatory DVD from the authors, we invite all parents of interested high school teens to attend a Parent Information Session on Saturday, October 25 after the 8:00 am mass to be held in Room 11 of the CCD building.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Afterwords: A Ministry of Mercy

Afterwords:  A Ministry of Mercy

-          Every moment of life is a gift of God’s Mercy

-          Unleash the miracle of forgiveness and mercy for ourselves and our loved ones

-          Jesus reaches out in love, forgiveness and mercy to those who hate, attack and dishonor Him; pray that we may do the same

-          Unforgiveness is the cause of so much brokenness and unhappiness in our lives, may we learn to use the key of forgiveness to unleash the miracle of mercy for ourselves and our loved ones

-          There is an enormous disparity between the powerful resources available to the forces promoting the culture of death and the means at the disposal of those working for a culture of life and love; however, we have faith in God our Father and Lord, in His goodness and mercy that God is preparing a great new springtime of Christian life which will be revealed when Christians are docile to the action of the Holy Spirit

May we know the life-giving, soul-saving, cleansing, freeing, and healing powers of the waters of God’s Ocean of Mercy when we plunge and immerse ourselves in God’s Overflowing Love

Do you think God has a sense of humor? I think Humor is Heavenly . . . .

October 17, 2014: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * "In the spirit of Fiesta de Amistad"

In the spirit of Fiesta de Amistad

To the Editor,
A Fiesta de Amistad Fable:
Memo, the Mexican Mouse and Norton, El Ratón Norte Americano were the very best of friends and they spent many a day atop Amistad Dam, playing the famous “rat and mouse” game, it’s similar to the infamous “cat and mouse” game, but Memo and Norton knew there was no playing around with cats.
Cats were the enemy.
Memo and Norton hated cats, they despised cats, they detested cats; all they wanted to do was degrade and destroy cats.
They had always hated cats and they will always hate all cats, whether they are Mexican Cats or Gatos Norte Americanos; that is just the way things are with Memo and Norton.
Don’t even bring up the subject of cats, because they will rant and rage on and on, and they will tell you all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things about cats.
Now I know some of you are disgusted to learn that there are rodents atop Amistad Dam, but let me tell you about Memo and Norton.
Since they crisscross the border, they are bilingual.
Memo was born in Acuña, Coahuila and Norton was born in Del Rio, Texas.
Their parents were decimated when both of them were youngsters, so they have had to fend for themselves since they were very young.
One day Norton was traveling South from Del Rio, Texas and Memo was traveling North from Acuña, Coahuila and lo and behold they met atop Amistad Dam and they have been friends ever since.
But then one sad day, Zero El Gato Grande found his way to Amistad Dam and everything changed for Memo and Norton.
They were no longer able to play atop Amistad Dam because Zero proudly prowled around hissing and chased Memo and Norton off Amistad Dam.
Zero claimed Amistad Dam all for himself and Memo scampered back into Mexico and Norton scurried back into Norte America never to play atop Amistad Dam ever again, or so they thought.
But one day it just so happened that two of the nicest, sweetest people; most endearing of couples, named Corazón and Sweetie, came to visit Amistad Dam.
Corazón is the “cat’s pajamas” and Sweetie is the “cat’s meow”.
They fortuitously found Zero and took him to their home far away from Amistad Dam, so that Memo and Norton were once again free to play their favorite game of “rat and mouse” atop Amistad Dam.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
With sincerest affection for Corazón and Sweetie,
¡Feliz Fiesta de Amistad!
Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

American Life League's * Defend the Family Campaign

Website: American Life League

February 14, 2015: Selfless Revolution for Middle & High School Youth * Rio Cibolo Ranch Marion, Texas

WHO: Designed for high school and middle school youth throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio accompanied by adult chaperones. 
WHAT:  A  radical look  at LOVE  from the perspective of Jesus.   In a world of selfies and likes, of followers and tweets, how do we place Jesus at our center?  This event will include dynamic presenters and speakers inspiring us to look at love from a different perspective - from the look of love itself.  

Access information: 
Selfless Revolution

St. Joseph Church Weekly Bulletin

Access St. Joseph Church Website:

Access St. Joseph Church Weekly Bulletin:

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Deacon Candidates from Del Rio, Texas

Front Row (left to right)
1. Edgardo Amaro (St. Joseph Church)
2. Deacon Candidate from San Antonio
3. Mark Escobar (St. Joseph Church)

Back Row (left to right)
1. Jorge Pena (St. Joseph Church)
2. Robert Sanchez ( Sacred Heart Church)
3. Hidden from View
4. David Velkey  from Rocksprings

Not shown in picture
Claus Wilhen (St. Joseph Church)
Emiliano Pina (Our Lady of Guadalupe Church)

Please keep the Deacon Candidates in your prayers

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 26, 2014: Pro-Life Rosary at 2:30 pm in front of the Del Rio Civic Center sponsored by The Legion of Mary and Spiritual Director Father Antonio O. Moreno


Dear Pro Life friends and volunteers,
October is Respect for Life month and I would like to share with you a few photos I took of some our most recent activities. Amistad Pregnancy Care Center is always eager to show Del Rio and everyone that God loves us and that Life is precious.


I would like to remind everyone that Life Chain 2014 is coming up Sunday October 26 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm same place Del Rio Civic Center facing the street  Veteran's blvd. Also visit the national life chain website at
Del Rio 4 Life will be organizing this great event, we look forward to joining everyone in silent prayer to end abortion. Signs will be provided. We thank you Del Rio 4 Life organization for supporting our center with Del Rio Life Chain 2014 T shirt sale fundraiser!

St. Joseph Church Life Teen and Edge youth group

We are happy to announce that St Joseph church Life Teen and Edge youth group is having a "Diaper Drive" to collect diapers for our center. Thank you so much! we are very touched and praise God for this youth group who respects and defends life.
We are grateful to the following churches and persons for being our PALS (Partners Advocating Life) . Their monthly contribution to Amistad Pregnancy Care Center is essential to our ministry we are grateful to God for our P.A.L.s.


If you would like to be our Partner Advocating Life please call 830-775-8076 or email us at 

W.I.C.(Women Infant and Children) Health Fair was held Thursday October 2nd. We were so happy to be invited to this event. Many families stopped by see our display table. Thank you volunteer Socorro Aguilar for helping us at this event. (picture below)

Del Rio News Herald article 

Amistad Pregnancy Care Center was blessed to be mentioned and interviewed in Del Rio News Herald October 3rd 2014 edition. I have to make a correction on this article. I did not say that we provide "alternatives to unplanned pregnancies", what I said is that we provide "alternatives to abortion"

Andale Del Rio Health Fair was held Saturday October 4th, 2014

It is always a pleasure to participate in the Andale Del Rio Health Fair, we have done so for several years. Many agencies come together to offer their services and resources to help the community of Del Rio have a better life. All ages enjoyed our display table with our life stages in the womb baby models. I would like to thank Adela Fira volunteer at Amistad pregnancy center and her husband Eugene for helping us in this event. (picture below)

APCC needs:
Any donation of the following items is always welcome no matter how small or what brand, everything helps.

1)diapers sizes 2 and up are very much needed.
We were  blessed to have a large donation of diapers size newborn and size 1 by Ranchos dos countries ministry. 
2) Baby bottles
3) baby blankets
4) baby wipes any brand any size
5) baby boy clothes sizes newborn up to 24 months
6) baby hand mittens
7) baby toys

We appreciate any baby item donation you can give us, we in turn give this items to our clients in need.

Thank you Pro Life friends for your prayers and support

Rosie Aguilar
APCC board president

Our Mission Statement
Amistad Pregnancy Care Center is a group of Christians who desire to help women who have unplanned pregnancies. We assist women considering abortions to find alternatives. We are advocates for the unborn child and we believe that a newly conceived child is a complete human being.  APCC is a non-profit service organization staffed by volunteers and supported by gifts from churches and individuals. We do this to demonstrate Christ's love and to lead others to Him.